Copywriting Clients

I provide freelance writing services to a wide range of clients, but I specialise in copywriting for the engineering, eCommerce, healthcare and technology sectors.

I have the pleasure of working as a freelance copywriter for companies that do some really amazing work – from unique tech start-ups, to the world’s best sports clothing brands, from healthcare businesses improving people’s quality of life, through to engineering firms tackling humanity’s greatest challenges.

I’ve also gained plenty of experience writing in other sectors, including finance copywriting, insurance copywriting, construction copywriting and beyond. I regularly work with marketing agencies too, and have written about everything from fashion to beauty, auto to lighting and many other fascinating topics.

If you’d be interested in hearing more about my copywriting experience, contact me.

Want to read my journalism? Visit my separate journalism portfolio to find my feature articles for the BBC, Independent, E&T, The Planner, Cycling Plus and beyond. 


Healthcare: Epsy

Epsy is a seizure diary app for people with epilepsy. I produce informative, SEO-optimised content, using information sourced from academic journals. My work has helped the website hit tens of thousands of monthly visitors.

Read a blog sample:  10 Facts about epilepsy

Engineering: Arup

Arup is one of the world’s foremost engineering firms. I work with the marketing team to edit reports, summarise research projects, write articles and blogs, proof website content and other editorial work.

Read a copyediting sample: Cities Alive: Designing cities that work for women 


Technology: designair

designair is an innovative technology startup that provides CAD computing over the cloud. I’ve worked closely with the company’s founder to produce dozens of blogs and SEO optimised website copy to generate interest in the brand.

Read a blog sample: Virtual workstations for 3D CAD and BIM 


eCommerce: ASICS

ASICS is one of the world’s leading sporting goods brands. I’ve written hundreds of SEO optimised category pages for their footwear and clothing, as well as a wide variety of guides to running, equipment, health, fitness and more. 

Read a blog sample: How to start running


Engineering: IMechE 

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is a major membership organisation for engineers in the UK and beyond. I’ve supported the institution’s communications and marketing teams with case studies, member interview articles, press releases and other content.

Read a case study sample: Verified by an engineer  

Technology: Backlight Streaming

Backlight Streaming is a tech company that has developed award-winning, AI-powered streaming solutions. I’ve helped write whitepapers, blogs, website content, social media posts and case studies over several years as the business has grown.

Read a case study: Wildmoka/NBC Sports  

Tech/finance: Xace

Xace is an innovative, global fintech firm that provides business accounts. I’ve written a wide variety of blogs for Xace’s website about financial topics.

Read a blog sample: Overview of Malta business banks 


Engineering: LuxCarta 

LuxCarta is an international satellite mapping business who provide advanced, AI-powered maps to industry. I regularly write blogs, case studies and other marketing content for the company.

Read a blog sample: How to meet the demand for 5G private networks


Technology: Mi4

Mi4 is a specialist B2B content marketing agency based in France. I support the Mi4 team producing content for a variety of their technology, eCommerce and engineering clients.