You have done the research into your topic. You have ordered your points into a logical structure. And you have a good idea of how will end your blog. But you’ve run into an obstacle – how are you going to start writing the thing? 

Many people find writing an introduction one of the hardest parts of producing content. A less-than-compelling introduction can immediately turn readers off and means they may not read the rest of what you have to say. And that means all the effort you put into producing corporate blogs goes to waste! 

The good news is that there are plenty of easy writers’ tricks to get your blog going. So, let’s look at how to write a blog intro – I have put together several kinds of hooks that writers use all the time to draw readers in. I’ve also provided examples of how they might be used in different industries.  

7 tips on how to write a blog intro 

The following seven methods can be applied in any industry or medium – you just need to tailor them to your subject. So, here are my tips on how to write a blog intro with examples from different kinds of business: 

1. Set the scene 

Setting the scene can be a very useful way of starting an article. Describe a particular scenario or event which relates to your topic. This gets the reader immediately interested as they start imagining the scene unfold. I recently used just this technique when describing the experience of eating plant-based meat for a finance publication.  

Example of how to write a blog intro for an accountancy business: 

“Sweat is rolling down your brow. Your heart is palpitating. Your palms are moist. Why? It’s time to file your VAT return and you can’t seem to find all of your receipts.” 

2. Ask the reader to imagine something

Tell the reader to picture a memory, image or hypothetical scenario which leads into the rest of your article. Again, this method gets the mind working and the reader will be unlikely to walk away! I used this technique a couple of years ago to describe the notion of a 6-hour workday

Example of how to write a blog intro for an IT support company: 

“Imagine you come into the office one morning to discover none of your computers will turn on.” 

3. Ask a question

Do you know why it’s impossible to ignore a question? Ask someone a question and they’ll almost always feel the need to find out the answer – it’s like a mental itch that won’t disappear until it’s ‘scratched’. Here’s how I used this technique in a blog last year.  

Example of how to write a blog intro for a food business: 

“Do you know how long you can leave cooked meat in the fridge?” 

Woman looking ponderous

4. Hit them with an amazing fact or figure

Extraordinary facts or huge figures are a great way of getting a reader interested. Can you tell them something that surprises, amazes, shocks or scares them? Incredible facts and figures open people’s eyes – and they’ll inevitably want to read on and find out more. I did this in an engineering magazine article, showing how cement is humanity’s most-produced item.  

Example of how to write a blog intro for a higher education institute: 

“By the end of 2019, more than 20% of the world’s population will have completed a degree of some kind” (I just made this number up for illustrative purposes!). 

5. Find a powerful quote

Using quotes can be an effective way of starting a blog, although do so with care – you don’t want to come across as cliched. Readers might also find it a bit distasteful if you use a quote from Gandhi to sell them some product or another! 

Ideally it would be a quote from someone at your organisation, a person you interviewed or from one of your customers. I recently wrote a piece about fintech which began with a quote from one of my interviewees that encapsulated the topic at hand.  

Example of how to write a blog intro for a waste treatment business: 

“’It makes me sick to see how much rubbish I produce’ said Mary Jones, a local teacher, shocked by the annual waste measurement system at our Exeter facility”.  

6. Address the problem directly

It’s not necessarily the most imaginative approach, but addressing your customer’s problem directly gets you right to the heart of the matter fast. Seeing their problem described will make the reader feel that you empathise with them and there’s a good chance they will decide to read on. Here’s an example from my blog of just this approach – if a little jazzed up.  

Example of how to write a blog intro for a physiotherapist: 

“Lower back pain can ruin your day and leave you feeling miserable. The good news is that there are tons of things you can do to manage it”.  

7. Describe a trend

People are constantly seeking out new information about the world around them. If you can describe an interesting new trend or technology, most people will want to learn more so that they feel informed. I used this approach for a BBC article about a new form of public transport. 

Example of how to write a blog intro for an import/export services business: 

“Import/export businesses are finally catching up with the digital revolution. Over the past year, we’ve noticed ever more customers using mobile apps to manage shipping and logistics…” 

Knowing how to write a compelling blog intro is essential if you want to keep people reading your content and learning more about your company. By using some of the techniques described above, you can hook your audience in and keep them reading till the end! 

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