“Freelance writing is the most wonderful way of earning a living. Nothing, except perhaps inherited wealth, provides greater personal freedom”.

– Andrew Crofts,¬†The Freelance Writer’s Handbook

After nine months of saving, working evenings for clients after my main job had finished, and moonlighting as a sub editor at a newspaper, I’m delighted to announce I am now a full time freelance writer!

Working as a freelance writer has been one of my long term ambitions and I’m very excited to finally be doing it full time. I’m looking forward to meeting the clients I’ll work with in future, the fascinating articles, blogs and books I’ll write and the extraordinary people I’ll meet and places I’ll go.

With over three years as the head writer at a digital marketing agency in London, where I got to write copy for some of the world’s leading companies and led a team of three writers, I’ve gained a huge amount of relevant experience which should be hugely valuable to my clients.

Read on to find out a little more about my freelance writing business.

What content will I be producing?

I can provide a wide range of freelance content writing services, including:

  • News and feature articles for magazines and newspapers (editors: get in touch if you have an article to commission!)
  • Corporate blogs (either internal or public)
  • Whitepapers and eBooks
  • Web copy
  • Email campaigns and newsletters
  • Articles for third-party publications
  • Press releases
  • Surveys and reports
  • Ghostwritten books and articles

Which markets will I be aiming at?

The greatest appeal of freelance writing for me is the possibility to learn and write about an enormous range of people, places, companies, products and activities. I am always open to writing about new subjects – I believe the skill of a freelance content writer is to be able to master any topic and produce articles which the target audience will understand.

That said, I do have particular experience as a:

  • Freelance features writer
  • Freelance B2B technology writer
  • Freelance accountancy writer
  • Freelance insurance blogs writer
  • Freelance SEO writer

Visit my portfolio for some samples.

Work with me as your London freelance writer

I’m open for booking and would love to add you to my growing clients list. If you have a story you would like written for your publication, a blog for your website or any kind of marketing content for your company or your clients, get in touch with me today.